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Mercury filled thermometer above, swan neck pediment, the case with shoulders above and below dial.Re-polished, replacement finial, pediment repaired, replacement cast bezel and hands, replacement mercury tube.Re-polished circa 1870 36" x 10 ¼" Ref 1496 SOLD An 8" dial wheel barometer in finely figured mahogany veneered case.Dial inscribed 'Job Casteleti' highly decoratively engraved designs.If you want to see our list of barometers restored and ready to sell now in our showroom please click here.

Despite the high level of restoration skilfully carried out in our own workshop, this is a fine example of a small dial barometer, increasingly scarce to obtain.

Dimensions 9 ¾" x 38 ¼" Ref 1526 SOLD An 8" dial mercury mercury wheel barometer with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, long thermometer, dial, level plate inscribed ‘warranted correct’ Circa 1875.

The case re-polished with replacement finial and bone setting key and mercury tube. Ref 1530 SOLD An 8" dial mercury wheel barometer of typical format, with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, short thermometer, convex mirror with ebonised frame, dial, setting knob and level plate inscribed J Minoretti of Leicester. Replacement tube, bezel, setting knob, level bezel, finial, pateraes, mirror and frame; generally overhauled, with mostly original polish.

This barometer has a replacement finial, pateraes, hygrometer, mirror, level bezel and mercury tube but retains original polish. Dimension: 37 ½" x 10" Ref 1538 SOLD A traditional 8" dial mercury wheel barometer in figured mahogany veneered cased with black & white stringing to edge, some slight un-evenness to the veneered case.

Swan neck pediment repaired, finial replaced, hygrometer replaced, short thermometer, scale and tube replaced, convex mirror and frame replaced, the bezel on the main dial is of concave design.

Job Casteleti was estimated to be working between 1830 – 1850 in Leicester, 'Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660 – 1900' Edwin Banfield. This barometer, certainly a relative if not a son dating perhaps circa 1855.

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